During October, 2018, I attended a three-day abstract acrylic painting course on the

Mid-North Coast. Our tutor was Peter Griffen, whose enthusiasm and love of painting

was extremely motivating to say the least.

Part of this course was dedicated to ‘Still Life’, which had already been introduced to

me in a refreshing way by Denis Clarke, but only with inks and charcoal.

Peter Griffen suggested that I apply the painting style which I use in my abstract and

landscape works to my still life work…and not to hold back on being expressive

because I had a pre-conceived idea of what ‘still life’ paintings should be like.

I am therefore presenting you with my first still life exhibition, which features my love of

using texture, colour and contrast, combined with Peter Griffen inspired ‘travelling

lines’, which have the power to tie areas of a work in together.

I hope you enjoy this exhibition!

                                                                                                                Linda Lockyer

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