Artist Statement

 I am an artist who paints with acrylic paints on stretched canvas. My subject matter varies from landscapes to abstract and also human form combined with either of these, however my work is predominantly abstract. I love to use bright color and texture in my work and enjoy applying mediums freely,

In the past six years, I have completed a number of workshops with different tutors (See CV) , broadening my knowledge of varied mediums and experimenting with different ways of using them. I have also exhibited throughout regional NSW.

Environmental, social, political and spiritual issues motivate my work. I love being in that special  “zone”, which painting can take you to….

Music has also been a  passion of mine over the years and it continues to influence my work. I like to paint works inspired by songs which I have written and recorded.

Through my paintings, I would like to make an impact on people, particularly if my work would motivate others to make our world a better place in which to live. I see my work as being captivating, colorful and spiritually and emotionally connected to the Australian landscape, or particular people and places with which I have been involved.

I would also like to impart happiness, beauty, love and peace through my work. I have learnt that it is important to take negative experiences and turn them into something positive. It is so much better to take an optimistic approach to life…a glass is half full, not half empty…..

My dream is to paint into my nineties like Margaret Olley!


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